The Tom & Jerry Show

Broadcast Number:TJGA-15
Original ABC Airdate:December 6, 1975


A squirrel's quiet repose is disrupted when he becomes "besieged with trespassers"; those "trespassers" being Tom & Jerry, who plan to chop down his tree and use its logs for a cabin. He foils their first two attempts, but becomes netted by Tom. The squirrel pleads to the cat and mouse to spare his tree, and a camaraderie forms between the trio, just in time to face a problem of a different nature: Spike the bulldog, who is bulldozing trees to make room for a freeway! Tom, Jerry and the squirrel each sabotage Spike's plans by sabotaging his bulldozer; the squirrel works out a deal with Spike by providing him with alternate plans for the freeway to go around the tree instead of through it.



On a visit to Mexico, Tom and Jerry save the life of Toro the Terrible, the fiercest bull in Mexico, and he promises to be their friend for life. He gives them free passes to see him fight in Tijuana that day, but as Tom and Jerry walk through the town later, another bull escapes from the stadium and chases them down the street. When Tom inadvertently traps El Rotteno in the back of a truck, he is hailed as a hero and invited to fight Toro in the bull ring. Knowing that Toro is his friend, Tom accepts the offer, and he and the friendly bull put on a fine show together. Unfortunately, Toro sprains his ankle and is replaced by El Rotteno, but Tom manages to subdue the ferocious animal, and he and Jerry are covered in sombreros thrown by the cheering crowd.



On an cruise liner en route to Hawaii, the Captain places mascot Spike in charge of security and gives him a whistle to blow whenever he spots something suspicious. Tom and Jerry become unexpected stowaways on the ship, and when Spike sees them in the 1st class section, playing shuffleboard, in the captain's foot locker, and in the kitchen, he blows his whistle to alert the Captain, but is unable to prove his findings! As the Captain attempts to ease his ship into port at Hawaii, Spike successfully lures T&J into a trap and contacts his Captain by phone and blowing his whistle into it; so startled is Captain by the whistle he accidentally throws the ship into gear and crashes it into a wharf! This proves to be the final straw for The Captain, who tosses Spike into the brig to avoid more harm. As Captain enjoys leisure time waterskiing, Spike spots Tom and Jerry on a catamaran and blows his whistle once more, which sends Captain leaping up onto T&J's catamaran. He then offers T&J jobs on his cruise ship, because "the one I have now is whistle-happy!"


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