When Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera brought the MGM characters Tom and Jerry to Hanna-Barbera Studio, a series of animated television commercials were done for Flan Dane, family dessert flans in jars coated with chocolate, made by the Danone Company, in France. These animated Tom and Jerry commercials were produced by the commercial division of Hanna-Barbera, run by former Disney artist Art Babbitt. They were distributed in 1974, which indicated they could have been done while the 1975 show was in the early stages of production.

The pace of the commercials' final project is what was expected of Tom & Jerry from their highly-touted Oscar-winning past. The animation is more detailed, thanks to a bigger budget. Also notice that not only isn't Jerry fitted with his red bow tie yet, he also appears to have a roomie! The scenario is typical T&J fodder: Tom is ready to chow down on his Flane Dane, when it jumps up and scurries out of sight, plate and all! Tom freaks, and notice it has really been snatched away by Jerry and his roommate; however, their attempts are thwarted when the plate turns out to be not big enough to fit through the small mouse hole, and Tom rushes over to snatch his dessert back.

Here, we present original art and rare clips of said Tom & Jerry commercials for Danone's Flan Dane. Enjoy!

Original Animation Art
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Original 1974 French Commercials for Flan Dane
with Tom & Jerry

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